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Traveling To the North West

Sorry for the huge gap, but I was collecting a wonderful array of pictures and tips for y’all! These past two weeks I traveled to the Pacific Northwest to visit the National Parks in that area.  I was so blessed to be able to take that trip, and got to take a billion pictures to share!!!

Just a brief note, all these beautiful and breath-taking spots were pure evidence of what an amazing God we have.  One who loves us so much to create a world that's beautiful for our enjoyment.  I would memorize the landscape everywhere we went. Absorbing every moment so that I could look back on it. The beauty and creativity in the flowers at the Butchart Gardens showed just how lovingly creative our God is. I was in complete awe the entire trip, and so grateful for every moment. 

Ocean view from washington beach

Butchart gardens Canada

First Picture: Ruby Beach Washington St.  Second: Butchart Gardens Canada

Packing for the trip was the hardest part by far. (I heavily dislike packing) The difficulty came when I had to picture myself in weather that was 30 to 40 degrees cooler.  I had no idea it would be 50’s in the morning! I quickly adjusted however, and the many shorts I packed mostly went to use.  Sadly since packing isn’t my strong suit I don’t have very many tips to share.  My number one biggest tip however is to simply roll your clothes.  I know this method has become more popular lately and for good reason! It’s a much more efficient way of packing and keeps the clothes from wrinkling.

Hurricane Ridge Mountain top view

One challenge on this trip was to actually dress cute while hiking, while still looking outdoorsy but also like I’m not trying to hard. That’s a hard challenge to meet, but I have the formula.

*Tip: A camelback or hydration pack is so necessary! On uphill hikes it makes it super easy to drink water while walking, (which is what I do) It also keeps you from panting super hard and I believe actually makes it easier. Doing uphill hikes is one of my favorite things because the feeling of accomplishment at the end is awesome.  You body is capable of more than you think!

Cold weather: a colored pair of skinny jeans with wool socks over the ankles, and a loose soft long sleeve shirt tucked in. Then for a jacket any jacket will do depending on the weather, and then of course to finish it off a camel back is necessary. The best and cutest hiking shoes to go along with all these outfits are ones that lace up past your ankle.

Warmer weather: a cute pair of shorts and a simple shirt tucked in with a flannel tied around your waist is the easiest and cutest outfit.  I realize it’s quite typical but I haven’t got much to work with here.

Cute hiking outfit for warm or cold weather, at blue lakes hiking trail northern cascades

cute hiking outfit take on washington beach

For my hair my go to hairstyle was two braids and a camo hat worn backwards when not in the sun. (duh)  

My travel outfit had to be comfortable but still fashionable! So I went for a skirt because it really is the most comfortable thing to wear for me.  A dress would do too!

Cute Travel Outfit for summer and fall, comfortable

The denim jacket is from express and any striped shirt will do. 

Cute comfortable traveling air plane outfit
It was extremely hot when I was taking these pictures so the ones with the denim jacket on sadly won't be shown because it was just to hot!!!

 Overall just wear what makes you comfortable when it comes to hiking.  Flannel shirts are a go to for me and then a raincoat was necessary while in Washington. Mine was just a Columbia one but there are many cute options out there.  

I hope there was some inspiration for you here be it an outfit or just cool pictures to inspire you!!! I simply just hope it helped, but always remember that there is never a need to follow a trend simple because it's what everyone else is doing. 

An Outfit of The Day (finally!)

I believe this is long overdo! My first OOTD is here. This outfit features my simple, really inexpensive black flats that you will see often.  If you can’t tell I like skirts, but surprisingly don’t own that many.  I try and choose the most worthwhile skirts when I buy them.  Such as ones that have good color schemes to match my style. This skirt is a light pink one in a floral print.  That same light pink can be found throughout the rest of my wardrobe so it’s a very versatile color for me.  

I do know however that some people don’t much care for a girly pink.  So choose a color you like! You may be a hipster kind of girl who loves olive green.  Go with olive green as your most common color.  By choosing one color as a foundation for your wardrobe you will find yourself picking out pieces in the store that you will actually wear.  

Dusty Rose Romantic Outfit

Cute, Girly, romantic, pale pink outfit

                    Cute Girly Romantic Outfits     Cute Lace mauve girly romantic outfit of the day

Black flats are from target, skirt is from forever 21, and the cute mauve lace top is from wet seal.  


Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers

Image result for never before seen way to add and subtract negative numbers

This may not have to do with fashion, but I'm very proud of it and would like to share it with y'all.  This is a video I made late last year for a Khan Academy contest but never made it public on YouTube.  Until now!! This is my YouTube tutorial on Adding and Subtracting Negative Numbers.
This is a new method that has never been seen before! Ever!!! It's pretty cool I must say, and it doesn't matter if your 6 or 66 I think this video might even help you.  So if you watch the video I would really like a thumbs up, it will get my video so much more notice on YouTube.  Even one thumbs up can make a difference.  I really hope you it!!! I also hope you will understand that this one time my topic might not be directly related to beauty or fashion.

Fashion in The Mountains!

Fashion is everywhere! It exists in places outside of New York, Milan, and Paris.  In fact, I had to use my fashion sense all the way up in the Taos Ski Valley.  I was so blessed to have the opportunity to snowboard on the last week of the season there. I had more fun than I imagined I would.  Different clothing comes with colder weather and due to living in Texas I wasn’t ready for the cold.  But a chance to buy new clothes? I wasn’t gonna pass that up.  

(Little disclaimer, braids are the best hairstyle for snowboarding!)

Snowboarding. Taos Ski Valley, Snowboarding fashion,

However, I sadly seemed to have all the clothing I needed for the trip.  Except of course a Ski jacket and goggles.  For my under layers I wore these thick colored leggings my grandmother had gotten for me years ago.  They kept me so warm! But the rain pants I wore as an over layer were an awesome windbreaker, and actually kept me from getting wet! I was amazed how I didn’t get cold actually.  My top under layer could be called the star of the show though.  I wore none other than the Breakaway Fashions under armour.  Keep in mind, I did not wear this under armor to be a walking ad.  I already had a black and a white one in my closet from my refereeing days, so why bother buying something else? Now yes, I’m going to sound like an ad right now, but they performed so well! I didn’t even wear anything over them, and I still didn’t get cold.  I know, my ski jacket  also helped with that, but I was still impressed. 


Here I am wearing one of the pairs of thick leggings.  This was the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  One of the coolest places.  Seriously, it was mountains of sand in the middle of Colorado! It also made it even cooler that Star wars actually filmed there. It was amazingly cold that day, but I was warm.  

I tried my best to make my outfits as fashionable yet practical as I could.  I’d say I succeeded with my olive green jacket and cute white leggings.  Olive green will always be in y’all.  However, when it comes to cold weather remember! Practicality comes before fashion. If your comfortable in what your wearing, then you will rock it and look good to anyone.  Took me awhile to learn that lesson sadly, but that's why I'm telling you now.

A New Phase for Breakaway Trends

Dandelions shaped like a heart around girl's head while lying in the grass.  Taken from above angle.  Tublr style photo for spring


Welcome to a new phase of the Breakaway Trends blog! To introduce myself, I’m Cassie and actually helped kick start Breakaway Fashions.  As a little girl I was obsessed with skirts, so much so that I actually wore skirts to my soccer games and soccer practice.  My mom would get me all set up with my undershorts and skirt, and I would go rock my skort on the field  As a three year old girl I didn’t care what other people thought, all I knew was that I wanted to wear a skirt, so I was going to.  I didn’t stop there though, the jersey? Yes, that was way too big and boxy for my taste.  But where could my parents find a proper fitting jersey for a little girl of my size? Uhh, nowhere.  And there you go, Breakaway Fashions was born.  My parents saw a need, and were willing to step in and fill that need.

Well that was a history lesson! That history though was a big part of my life and will be the basis actually of this entire blog.  As a little girl I decided to forego the standard and choose what I loved.  It even turned out I wasn’t the only little girl out there wanting a proper fitting jersey and a skirt to run in.  I broke away from the trend.  Ha, see what I did there? Yeah we are going to apply that mentality past soccer uniforms to fashion and maybe on the rare occasion even past fashion.  We will just have to see! But fashion is definitely my passion so I’ll begin with that. Now a little disclaimer here, nothing is wrong with trends but there is a fine line between loving a trend and following it, verses letting the trend control you.

I’m here to help girls find themselves in the crazy world of fashion.   So much is at our disposal to see the latest trends, but also so much to suck us in.  I hope to be a base for people to learn how to express themselves in a fashionable way.  There’s so much to write on this topic and I’ll do my best to bring ya’ll the most helpful and supportive information I can.  Thanks for reading this if you got down here to the end.  Keep coming back though! I’ll be posting every one to two weeks to start off depending on how big a response I get.  Once again thank you!!!! Starting anything can be a giant risk, but I know the risk will be worth it when I help to inspire other girls and support them the best way possible.  

Priority 1 is Our Kids

Sometimes it's hard to know what the right thing to do is.  Sometimes, it's easy to know, but hard to do.  I had that problem this week.  I sent the message below to our parents:

I want to emphasize one thing before today's game. The primary reason we're signed our kids up for soccer is to let them play soccer.
This is a great opportunity for us to let our kids be independent.
If you are telling them what to do while they're on the field, you are making them dependent.

Cheer, encourage, clap, yell, just don't coach or command. It's not easy, but certainly we can do that for our kids.

They'll make mistakes. Where could a mistake be safer yet have more immediate feedback than on the soccer field? It's a great opportunity for our kids to grow. Did you learn to ride a bike by being told how to do it? No, you didn't. You had to get on it, crash a few times, and learn from those mistakes.

Priority 1 is our kids. Below that is winning. Please keep that in mind.

I didn't coach them from the side; I've had enough practice at that to get it right.  However, when the game was over and we'd run out of time, I was very disappointed we'd lost.  They'd played so hard.  They took care of each other.  I should have been thrilled.  Instead, the hard loss was very present on my mind.  I realize now, from the start of the game, I'd let the priority of winning climb up the ladder to number one.  Next time, I'll be sure to keep the kids as number one.  With the effort they put in, I couldn't be prouder.  They deserve a coach that can keep that straight.

"All warfare is based on deception."

All warfare is based on deception.Sun Tzu said it, "All warfare is based on deception." Soccer is basically a warfare game. It's fun as opposed to deadly, but they're both about defeating opponents. I prefer the voluntary cooperation of a free market for most of my time, but there's a time for all things.  

Most young players don't understand how effective a little fake can be. I'm not talking about scissors or other fancy moves. I'm talking about a simple head fake or even a slight twitch of the hips. If every move is preceded by a fake, your players success rate will go way up.

It's also easy and fun to teach them the concept. Pair up your players; they'll stand facing one another. Assign one player to move side to side in a random manner. Assign the second player the role of shadowing the first player. Let the fun begin. Pretty soon, the kids discover for themselves the art of the fake.

"Discipline" Problems

 TroubleA quick note about "discipline" problems with very young soccer players. There's really only one rule the kids must follow: 

Be respectful to each other and the coach.

Other than that, as a coach, you have to remember this is play time for the kiddos.  You want them to learn soccer skills, but forcing them to do this or that will only backfire.  As a coach, you prepare their environment, demonstrate the desired activity, and then invite them to explore it to their hearts content.   They may refuse the invitation.  That's okay.  Maybe they just want to watch.  Maybe they want to do something completely different.  This is where you invite their parent to take over while you pay attention to the rest of the team.  

I once tried to make my daughter run her fastest (she was 9 or 10 years old).  For whatever reason, she refused to do anything more than jog quickly.  The conflict took the fun out of the game and it definitely didn't make her run any faster.  Now, several years later, I think (hope) I would handle it better.  I wish I'd asked, "Why?".  Not a frustrated plea, but a genuine desire to understand her motivations. Maybe I would have gotten a reasonable answer, or maybe not.  Still with some honest inquiry, I would have actually learned more about my daughter and made things better for both of us.  By expecting her to immediately obey my command to run faster, it only frustrated both of us.  Do your best to prepare the environment and try to see things from their point of view when it isn't working.  When it is working, let them play.

It Just Makes You Smile (plus a list of coaching keys)

If this doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will.

I was recently discussing coaching youth girls soccer with a friend and I'm going to try and list all the key points we went over.

  1. First Touch - or in the case of the youngest players, just Touch.  For 95% of the practice, the kids should have a ball at their feet.  I know as they get older, learning to move off the ball becomes much more important, but for the little ones, practice should be about getting better and better with the ball at their feet.
  2. Pressure / Cover - they'll learn Balance later.  For now, the closest player applies pressure and the next 2 cover (assuming 3 v 3 games).  They won't learn this is one session, but if you use the words with some slow-motion demonstrations, they will eventually understand what you're trying to say.
  3. Win the ball by stepping between the player and the ball.  In other words, when you tackle, you turn and step between the dribbler and the ball so that your back is to dribbler.  It works so much better than diving in and kicking the dribblers shins to death.
  4. Shield the ball and learn to turn away from the pressure using the outside of your foot.
  5. In the games, sit on the bench and talk to the kids on the sideline.  More importantly, get them used to talking to their teammates about what they should be doing.  I had my sideline kids yelling, "Fast throw-in" or "Fast goal kick" or what ever you as a coach may be tempted to yell.  If you coach the kids on the side and let the ones on the field play with freedom, soon you'll have kids that recognize situations and know how to communicate it to their teammates when they're on the field.

Respect - The Currency of Life

I speak a lot about allowing children to be free, but they are not free to do anything. Obviously, they should never harm other children (or adults). However, they also have an obligation to go a step beyond that and be respectful. The coach is putting in effort to help the kids learn. The kids "pay" the coach with respect. No Respect = No Coaching. 

  • Respect is not blind obedience; Respect is listening quietly. 
  • Respect is not thinking the coach is always right; Respect is disagreeing respectfully.
  • Respect is not demanded; Respect is earned.

When respect is withheld, there are consequences. The kids can't pay you with money to coach, but if you teach them to pay you with respect, I think they understand the importance of it more clearly which results in a lot less frustration and a lot more learning and fun.

Creative Energy

When we see our child create, it strikes a chord in our soul that brings us joy. We're "happy" when they clean up their toys, but we're "thrilled" when they give us a drawing. It's the same with soccer, if we give them a chance. If we allow them to create, the game will be better for them and better for us. 

As Leonard Read said, "To hamper Creative Energy, in any manner, as it attempts to manifest itself in mankind, is to thwart Creation. Standing against Creation is no role for little, fallible man!"

They may not be doing things they way we'd like, but if they're doing no harm, who are we to "correct" them. Our children naturally want to learn and explore; they just don't always want to do it according to our "fallible" plan.

Ask the Child, "Why?"

Why?Why should a child learn a new skill?  Because he wants to do something.  Why does he want to do that thing?  Because...

As a coach, we can often see what the children need to do to play better soccer.  We have several options ranging from talking, demonstrating, or even clever small-sided games.  Rather than delivering  to them the "right" answer, we might want to try and educate ourselves instead. Ask the child "Why?".  Then ask "Why?" again.  Ask five times. We call this 5-why analysis.  You will be amazed.  Behavior that was mystifying suddenly becomes clear. 

Rather than addressing the symptom, you'll address the root cause.  In many cases, where you may have been frustrated, you will find yourself smiling.  Our children are often doing their very best, even when we can't tell they are.  They just have different priorities.

Learning from Mistakes

Learning from MistakesA young child learns through experience.  Actually, this applies to all of us. Someone can tell us "do this" or "don't do that" or we can even read some good advice in a book (or a blog), but it rarely seems to sink in until we experience it.  The image to the left is proof of that. Nothing teaches us a lesson like a huge mistake.  Of course, we don't want our children making huge mistakes, so we let them make the little ones.  Soccer gives us a chance to let the children make a million mistakes and learn from them. If mistakes are permitted and the natural consequences allowed to follow, the children will learn so much quicker than if they are never allowed to make the mistake. 

Think about when you make a mistake. Don't the consequences usually hurt enough without someone adding to it? How do you react when someone you care about adds fuel to the fire with a comment that you should have done it differently? Your kids feel the same discouragement when they make a mistake and you chime in with your 2 cents. It will make them want to avoid the mistake, but will it encourage them to be creative?  Instead, they will allow themselves to be micromanaged through the practices and games. They will appear to be doing the right thing, but the child will lack the true understanding that allows them to grow. They will become fearful of showing any initiative.  

Instead, value the creativity and courage a child exhibits when they play boldly.  When we free the child, we free the child to make mistakes.  This is how they build understanding.  Success is gained by working through failures.

Freeing the Child

Free a child and allow them to reach their potential.I spoke with my cousin the other day and she told me about a transformation in her daughter, actually all her children. I won't go into personal details, but I will say she has clearly seen a difference since freeing her children. Where hours of forced compliance in the public schools had left some of her children moody and withdrawn and others releasing their frustrations in unruly behavior, now that the children are free to fulfill their potential in their home school, they are happy to be together and pleasant to be around. Here's the tie-in to soccer, when coaching our kids, free them! Don't impose your will on them. Let them explore the game and discover its beauty for themselves.  Prepare the environment; that's your job as a coach.

Our Old Coach's Blog is Dead; Long Live the Coach's Blog

Breakaway Fashion's Old Home PageOur old coach's blog has been retired.  The picture at the left is from the first entry way back in Nov. 2007.  The reason for retiring the blog is that the coach isn't coaching soccer anymore (for now).  The kids still play, but in a playground setting instead.  I still get stories about the goals, saves, and big kicks, but I don't have those coaching plans running through my head like I used to.

However, I was thinking of restarting the blog here and going over coaching our very youngest soccer players.  Our 4 and 5 year old players think so differently compared to adults.  I've learned so much about this over the years that I think it might be valuable.  So maybe the coach's blog isn't so dead after all.

Our Old Home Page

Pink Girls Soccer Uniforms by Breakaway FashionsWanted to add a link to the pictures from our old home page.  I guess I'm sentimentally attached and just can't let it go.  Take a look if you'd like to see some cute pictures.

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