May 10 2016 Tuesday at 12:34 PM

An Outfit of The Day (finally!)

I believe this is long overdo! My first OOTD is here. This outfit features my simple, really inexpensive black flats that you will see often.  If you can’t tell I like skirts, but surprisingly don’t own that many.  I try and choose the most worthwhile skirts when I buy them.  Such as ones that have good color schemes to match my style. This skirt is a light pink one in a floral print.  That same light pink can be found throughout the rest of my wardrobe so it’s a very versatile color for me.  

I do know however that some people don’t much care for a girly pink.  So choose a color you like! You may be a hipster kind of girl who loves olive green.  Go with olive green as your most common color.  By choosing one color as a foundation for your wardrobe you will find yourself picking out pieces in the store that you will actually wear.  

Dusty Rose Romantic Outfit

Cute, Girly, romantic, pale pink outfit

                    Cute Girly Romantic Outfits     Cute Lace mauve girly romantic outfit of the day

Black flats are from target, skirt is from forever 21, and the cute mauve lace top is from wet seal.