"All warfare is based on deception."

All warfare is based on deception.Sun Tzu said it, "All warfare is based on deception." Soccer is basically a warfare game. It's fun as opposed to deadly, but they're both about defeating opponents. I prefer the voluntary cooperation of a free market for most of my time, but there's a time for all things.  

Most young players don't understand how effective a little fake can be. I'm not talking about scissors or other fancy moves. I'm talking about a simple head fake or even a slight twitch of the hips. If every move is preceded by a fake, your players success rate will go way up.

It's also easy and fun to teach them the concept. Pair up your players; they'll stand facing one another. Assign one player to move side to side in a random manner. Assign the second player the role of shadowing the first player. Let the fun begin. Pretty soon, the kids discover for themselves the art of the fake.

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