March 09 2016 Wednesday at 06:26 PM

A New Phase for Breakaway Trends

Dandelions shaped like a heart around girl's head while lying in the grass.  Taken from above angle.  Tublr style photo for spring


Welcome to a new phase of the Breakaway Trends blog! To introduce myself, I’m Cassie and actually helped kick start Breakaway Fashions.  As a little girl I was obsessed with skirts, so much so that I actually wore skirts to my soccer games and soccer practice.  My mom would get me all set up with my undershorts and skirt, and I would go rock my skort on the field  As a three year old girl I didn’t care what other people thought, all I knew was that I wanted to wear a skirt, so I was going to.  I didn’t stop there though, the jersey? Yes, that was way too big and boxy for my taste.  But where could my parents find a proper fitting jersey for a little girl of my size? Uhh, nowhere.  And there you go, Breakaway Fashions was born.  My parents saw a need, and were willing to step in and fill that need.

Well that was a history lesson! That history though was a big part of my life and will be the basis actually of this entire blog.  As a little girl I decided to forego the standard and choose what I loved.  It even turned out I wasn’t the only little girl out there wanting a proper fitting jersey and a skirt to run in.  I broke away from the trend.  Ha, see what I did there? Yeah we are going to apply that mentality past soccer uniforms to fashion and maybe on the rare occasion even past fashion.  We will just have to see! But fashion is definitely my passion so I’ll begin with that. Now a little disclaimer here, nothing is wrong with trends but there is a fine line between loving a trend and following it, verses letting the trend control you.

I’m here to help girls find themselves in the crazy world of fashion.   So much is at our disposal to see the latest trends, but also so much to suck us in.  I hope to be a base for people to learn how to express themselves in a fashionable way.  There’s so much to write on this topic and I’ll do my best to bring ya’ll the most helpful and supportive information I can.  Thanks for reading this if you got down here to the end.  Keep coming back though! I’ll be posting every one to two weeks to start off depending on how big a response I get.  Once again thank you!!!! Starting anything can be a giant risk, but I know the risk will be worth it when I help to inspire other girls and support them the best way possible.