Fashion in The Mountains!

Fashion is everywhere! It exists in places outside of New York, Milan, and Paris.  In fact, I had to use my fashion sense all the way up in the Taos Ski Valley.  I was so blessed to have the opportunity to snowboard on the last week of the season there. I had more fun than I imagined I would.  Different clothing comes with colder weather and due to living in Texas I wasn’t ready for the cold.  But a chance to buy new clothes? I wasn’t gonna pass that up.  

(Little disclaimer, braids are the best hairstyle for snowboarding!)

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However, I sadly seemed to have all the clothing I needed for the trip.  Except of course a Ski jacket and goggles.  For my under layers I wore these thick colored leggings my grandmother had gotten for me years ago.  They kept me so warm! But the rain pants I wore as an over layer were an awesome windbreaker, and actually kept me from getting wet! I was amazed how I didn’t get cold actually.  My top under layer could be called the star of the show though.  I wore none other than the Breakaway Fashions under armour.  Keep in mind, I did not wear this under armor to be a walking ad.  I already had a black and a white one in my closet from my refereeing days, so why bother buying something else? Now yes, I’m going to sound like an ad right now, but they performed so well! I didn’t even wear anything over them, and I still didn’t get cold.  I know, my ski jacket  also helped with that, but I was still impressed. 


Here I am wearing one of the pairs of thick leggings.  This was the Great Sand Dunes National Park.  One of the coolest places.  Seriously, it was mountains of sand in the middle of Colorado! It also made it even cooler that Star wars actually filmed there. It was amazingly cold that day, but I was warm.  

I tried my best to make my outfits as fashionable yet practical as I could.  I’d say I succeeded with my olive green jacket and cute white leggings.  Olive green will always be in y’all.  However, when it comes to cold weather remember! Practicality comes before fashion. If your comfortable in what your wearing, then you will rock it and look good to anyone.  Took me awhile to learn that lesson sadly, but that's why I'm telling you now.


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    Pretty neat testimonial!

  • Donna Hutcheson

    This precious young lady is my granddaughter and is truly “in the know” on fashion trends. Let others know of her blog – especially teenagers.

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