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Learning from Mistakes

A young child learns through experience.  Actually, this applies to all of us. Someone can tell us "do this" or "don't do that" or we can even read some good advice in a book (or a blog), but it rarely seems to sink in until we experience it.  The image to the left is proof of that. Nothing teaches us a lesson like a huge mistake.  Of course, we don't want our children making huge mistakes, so we let them make the little ones.  Soccer gives us a chance to let the children make a million mistakes and learn from them. If mistakes are permitted and the natural consequences allowed to follow, the children will learn so much quicker than...

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Freeing the Child

I spoke with my cousin the other day and she told me about a transformation in her daughter, actually all her children. I won't go into personal details, but I will say she has clearly seen a difference since freeing her children. Where hours of forced compliance in the public schools had left some of her children moody and withdrawn and others releasing their frustrations in unruly behavior, now that the children are free to fulfill their potential in their home school, they are happy to be together and pleasant to be around. Here's the tie-in to soccer, when coaching our kids, free them! Don't impose your will on them. Let them explore the game and discover its beauty for...

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Our Old Coach's Blog is Dead; Long Live the Coach's Blog

Our old coach's blog has been retired.  The picture at the left is from the first entry way back in Nov. 2007.  The reason for retiring the blog is that the coach isn't coaching soccer anymore (for now).  The kids still play, but in a playground setting instead.  I still get stories about the goals, saves, and big kicks, but I don't have those coaching plans running through my head like I used to. However, I was thinking of restarting the blog here and going over coaching our very youngest soccer players.  Our 4 and 5 year old players think so differently compared to adults.  I've learned so much about this over the years that I think it might be valuable....

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