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Traveling To the North West

Sorry for the huge gap, but I was collecting a wonderful array of pictures and tips for y’all! These past two weeks I traveled to the Pacific Northwest to visit the National Parks in that area.  I was so blessed to be able to take that trip, and got to take a billion pictures to share!!! Just a brief note, all these beautiful and breath-taking spots were pure evidence of what an amazing God we have.  One who loves us so much to create a world that's beautiful for our enjoyment.  I would memorize the landscape everywhere we went. Absorbing every moment so that I could look back on it. The beauty and creativity in the flowers at the Butchart...

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Fashion in The Mountains!

Fashion is everywhere! It exists in places outside of New York, Milan, and Paris.  In fact, I had to use my fashion sense all the way up in the Taos Ski Valley.  I was so blessed to have the opportunity to snowboard on the last week of the season there. I had more fun than I imagined I would.  Different clothing comes with colder weather and due to living in Texas I wasn’t ready for the cold.  But a chance to buy new clothes? I wasn’t gonna pass that up.   (Little disclaimer, braids are the best hairstyle for snowboarding!) However, I sadly seemed to have all the clothing I needed for the trip.  Except of course a Ski jacket...

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A New Phase for Breakaway Trends

WELCOME TO MY NEW BLOG!! Welcome to a new phase of the Breakaway Trends blog! To introduce myself, I’m Cassie and actually helped kick start Breakaway Fashions.  As a little girl I was obsessed with skirts, so much so that I actually wore skirts to my soccer games and soccer practice.  My mom would get me all set up with my undershorts and skirt, and I would go rock my skort on the field  As a three year old girl I didn’t care what other people thought, all I knew was that I wanted to wear a skirt, so I was going to.  I didn’t stop there though, the jersey? Yes, that was way too big and boxy for my taste....

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