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Respect - The Currency of Life

I speak a lot about allowing children to be free, but they are not free to do anything. Obviously, they should never harm other children (or adults). However, they also have an obligation to go a step beyond that and be respectful. The coach is putting in effort to help the kids learn. The kids "pay" the coach with respect. No Respect = No Coaching.  Respect is not blind obedience; Respect is listening quietly.  Respect is not thinking the coach is always right; Respect is disagreeing respectfully. Respect is not demanded; Respect is earned. When respect is withheld, there are consequences. The kids can't pay you with money to coach, but if you teach them to pay you with respect, I...

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Creative Energy

When we see our child create, it strikes a chord in our soul that brings us joy. We're "happy" when they clean up their toys, but we're "thrilled" when they give us a drawing. It's the same with soccer, if we give them a chance. If we allow them to create, the game will be better for them and better for us.  As Leonard Read said, "To hamper Creative Energy, in any manner, as it attempts to manifest itself in mankind, is to thwart Creation. Standing against Creation is no role for little, fallible man!" They may not be doing things they way we'd like, but if they're doing no harm, who are we to "correct" them. Our children naturally...

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Learning from Mistakes

A young child learns through experience.  Actually, this applies to all of us. Someone can tell us "do this" or "don't do that" or we can even read some good advice in a book (or a blog), but it rarely seems to sink in until we experience it.  The image to the left is proof of that. Nothing teaches us a lesson like a huge mistake.  Of course, we don't want our children making huge mistakes, so we let them make the little ones.  Soccer gives us a chance to let the children make a million mistakes and learn from them. If mistakes are permitted and the natural consequences allowed to follow, the children will learn so much quicker than...

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