Traveling To the North West

Sorry for the huge gap, but I was collecting a wonderful array of pictures and tips for y’all! These past two weeks I traveled to the Pacific Northwest to visit the National Parks in that area.  I was so blessed to be able to take that trip, and got to take a billion pictures to share!!!

Just a brief note, all these beautiful and breath-taking spots were pure evidence of what an amazing God we have.  One who loves us so much to create a world that's beautiful for our enjoyment.  I would memorize the landscape everywhere we went. Absorbing every moment so that I could look back on it. The beauty and creativity in the flowers at the Butchart Gardens showed just how lovingly creative our God is. I was in complete awe the entire trip, and so grateful for every moment. 

Ocean view from washington beach

Butchart gardens Canada

First Picture: Ruby Beach Washington St.  Second: Butchart Gardens Canada

Packing for the trip was the hardest part by far. (I heavily dislike packing) The difficulty came when I had to picture myself in weather that was 30 to 40 degrees cooler.  I had no idea it would be 50’s in the morning! I quickly adjusted however, and the many shorts I packed mostly went to use.  Sadly since packing isn’t my strong suit I don’t have very many tips to share.  My number one biggest tip however is to simply roll your clothes.  I know this method has become more popular lately and for good reason! It’s a much more efficient way of packing and keeps the clothes from wrinkling.

Hurricane Ridge Mountain top view

One challenge on this trip was to actually dress cute while hiking, while still looking outdoorsy but also like I’m not trying to hard. That’s a hard challenge to meet, but I have the formula.

*Tip: A camelback or hydration pack is so necessary! On uphill hikes it makes it super easy to drink water while walking, (which is what I do) It also keeps you from panting super hard and I believe actually makes it easier. Doing uphill hikes is one of my favorite things because the feeling of accomplishment at the end is awesome.  You body is capable of more than you think!

Cold weather: a colored pair of skinny jeans with wool socks over the ankles, and a loose soft long sleeve shirt tucked in. Then for a jacket any jacket will do depending on the weather, and then of course to finish it off a camel back is necessary. The best and cutest hiking shoes to go along with all these outfits are ones that lace up past your ankle.

Warmer weather: a cute pair of shorts and a simple shirt tucked in with a flannel tied around your waist is the easiest and cutest outfit.  I realize it’s quite typical but I haven’t got much to work with here.

Cute hiking outfit for warm or cold weather, at blue lakes hiking trail northern cascades

cute hiking outfit take on washington beach

For my hair my go to hairstyle was two braids and a camo hat worn backwards when not in the sun. (duh)  

My travel outfit had to be comfortable but still fashionable! So I went for a skirt because it really is the most comfortable thing to wear for me.  A dress would do too!

Cute Travel Outfit for summer and fall, comfortable

The denim jacket is from express and any striped shirt will do. 

Cute comfortable traveling air plane outfit
It was extremely hot when I was taking these pictures so the ones with the denim jacket on sadly won't be shown because it was just to hot!!!

 Overall just wear what makes you comfortable when it comes to hiking.  Flannel shirts are a go to for me and then a raincoat was necessary while in Washington. Mine was just a Columbia one but there are many cute options out there.  

I hope there was some inspiration for you here be it an outfit or just cool pictures to inspire you!!! I simply just hope it helped, but always remember that there is never a need to follow a trend simple because it's what everyone else is doing. 

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