Ordering Your Uniforms FAQ

Get the Sizing Right

If you get started early, you have time to take the safest path:

  1. Pick out the items you want your team to wear.
  2. Order one of each item type (i.e. one jersey, one skort, etc.) that will fit at least one of your players.
  3. Try it on when it arrives.
  4. Now you have an idea of how the items fit and which players need larger or smaller sizes.
  5. You are now ready to order for the rest of your team.
If you get started late:
  1. Download and print our sizing form.  You'll use this to take notes.
  2. Measure your player(s) (measuring help here).  All you need is a measuring tape.
  3. Use our sizing form to record your measurements.  (The form from step 1.)  (Only 2 things so far.)
  4. Refer to the table at the bottom of the sizing help page to determine the appropriate sizes.  (It's not hard.)
  5. Order accordingly.
Keep in mind the jerseys are semi-fitted, so they won't fit like your son's jersey.


Once you know the sizes you need, ordering is easy.

  1. Since we no longer do numbering, your order usually goes out within 24 hours on a business day.  Most people choose USPS Priority Mail shipping, so you should get it 2-3 days after that. 


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