Why Breakaway?

Please let us share with you why Breakaway Fashions is separated from the competition:

  • These are sports uniforms for girls; our small sizes are especially unique since they actually fit our little girls.
  • Our girls jerseys are extremely comfortable. (Most kids like to sleep in them if Mommy will let them.)
  • Our girls uniforms are made from high-performance (92% polyester / 8% spandex), wicking fabric with SPF 25 protection against the sun. In other words, the spandex allows the jersey to stretch with her body and keep her nice and dry.
  • The jerseys are semi-fitted so the high-performance fabric can do its job.
  • Our girls sport jerseys are designed to coordinate with our skorts. Not shorts, skorts. (This is the most important point in our little girl's mind.)
  • We have soccer socks that are made for the tiniest feet. (Try finding soccer socks in the store that won't bunch up in your daughter's cleats and will stay up while she's running around.)
  • - New - We've had positive reports on using our jerseys for softball.
  • - New - Our girls sports jerseys are great for triathlons too! (You won't have any trouble spotting your daughter in the crowd.)

Try the Girls Tie-Dye Jersey in a Triathlon.