Sizing Help


Here's our Sizing Form to help with the actual measurements.

Measuring your player:

Since every child grows at a different rate, it makes more sense to buy their uniforms based on an ACTUAL measurement rather than just using age alone (we have also listed the "typical" age that they would wear to assist in ordering).

A CHEST measurement is really the only measure you'll need to order your Breakaway Fashions uniforms (at the younger ages there is not a whole lot of difference between their chest and waist size). We CAN'T stress this enough- please MEASURE your player and don't guess, especially since the jersey's will be custom printed and we will NOT be able to exchange, refund or otherwise return a jersey that has been printed with a team name, player number, sponsor logo, etc.

There is absolutely NO reason to buy big. Our jerseys are designed to be "semi-fitted".  They are also designed to not be tucked in.  Also, our Cool-Weather Mocks to be "fitted".  This is for several reasons. The wicking properties in ALL our garments need the fabric to come in contact with the skin in order to "wick" the moisture AWAY from the body. This process will not work when clothing fits too big and loose. In warmer weather, sweat evaporating off the skin with wicking of the fibers, will help the body cool.

In cooler weather, the body will actually stay warmer because your player may sweat and the wicking properties will pull away the moisture helping to prevent the body from chilling. We have players who are more comfortable wearing their Cool-Weather Mock during the warm weather season than nothing under their jerseys because it helps them cool down and keeps them from getting sunburned. All our uniforms have UV protectant and this will also keep your player from getting sunburned and feeling hot.

Here are our sizes: